Saturday, February 14, 2009

It is official! Nothing can stop Sk8 Guam from throwing a sick event! the whole day was a recipe for disaster. With one part rain clouds, a dash of overcast, mixed in with some heavy wind, some electrical problems, and drama with the crowd. you have the perfect combination for a crappy event. Despite everything that was thrown at us, the event was a success. The bands rocked, the skaters skated hard, and the crowd went wild!

I want to take a moment to thank every one who made this event possible. Shout out to the sponsors monster energy drink, Tunu BBQ, DV8 Boardshop, Ninja Bearings, Creature Skateboards, Vans, Oakley, The Department of Parks and Recreation. Special thanks to the Sk8 Guam crew, everyone who helped set up and break down, the crowd, the bands, and the skaters.

Here are the results of the competition.
13 and under (4 step contest)

1st - Billy G - Kickflip indy
2nd- Jerome Santos - Fakie nose grab
3rd - Marvin Dulana - nollie

14-16 (Double set contest)
1st - JB Argueza - Front side flip, 360 flip
2nd - George Cura - Board slide on the hand rail
3rd - Cheese bread - Caveman board slide on the ledge

Open division (Double Set contest)
1st - Aaron Magbuhat - Back side Blunt slide on the ledge
2nd - Julio Canovas - Big spin
3rd - Ryan Tiong - hardflip

Honorable Mention
Josh Mills - front side 360 ollie, smith grind the hand rail, Nollie 50-50 the ledge

Here are some pictures of the event






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