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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update on SpOt #4!

Hey Guys

Sorry we have been out of touch with the spot comp. We only got 2 videos, so we decided to extend the contest. Deadline for spot #4 videos are due on Monday the 22nd. Remember that we are giving away free globe prizes to all that join this competition! so lets see more videos! \


Monday, November 16, 2009

Stackin' Clips...

Not really.
When we get everyone together, we all have a spot blank out.
So because of that, you get this.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Free Deck Contest: Week Four 11/4/09-11/11/09

Globe Goodie Bag: Drawstring Backpack, Wristband, United By Fate Shirt, Stickers.
All People who send in a video will get a goody bag! The winner get A deck as well as the goody bag!

New voting system!
Because of the current situation, in which people have been abusing the old voting system, we have been forced to come up with a new way of voting. In order to vote for your favorite video, you must send in an email with the name of the person you are voting for. This way every vote will be tied to a single email address. If we see more then one vote from a single email, we will delete all votes from that email address. we will count all votes sent to the email address, and that will determine the winner.

Here is the email address!

Thanks for supporting sk8 guam, dv8 boardshop, and the skateboarding community of Guam!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chris Malto

A friend of ours named Chris Malto left to go back home a few weeks ago. Although we only had a little under a month to film anything, we were able to get some park footage and here it is.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Free Deck Contest: Week Two 9/23/09-9/30/09

Let's see more than two entries guys!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chris Haslam Decks...For free?

Would you like to have one of these limited edition Chris Haslam Art Series Decks? To put on your wall, or to skate and destroy?


SK8 Guam and DV8 Board Shop is giving you a chance to pick up one of these every 2 weeks starting on 09/14/09. Here is how it will go down.

On 08/31/09 there will be a skate spot shown on this SK8 Guam blog. Then you will have till the following Monday 9/7/09, to film at that spot and create a clip under 1 min (4 tricks minimum).

You will then upload your video (to youtube ,vimeo, etc.)and post the link to the video on the comment section of the selected spot.

We will then upload all videos to the DV8 blog( and you will have 6 days to gather as many votes as possible(Votes can be placed at the dv8 blog on the bottom right side of the page. Votes close on Sunday at 11:59 pm) for your video.

The video with the most votes will win a Chris Haslam deck of their choice! The next skate spot will be shown after the first winner is chosen. The cycle will continue from there until all 5 decks are given away!

For any questions send a comment and leave an email address

Monday, July 27, 2009

DV8 boardshop & SK8 Guam doin it global

Peep this! Here we have Anthony "Noni" Santos taking Taiwan by storm! Ripping it up courtesy of DV8 Boardshop!

front boardslide

Kickflip over the rail

Lip slide

Nose grind

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Go Skateboarding Day 2009!

Thank you to all those who supported the Skate The Date event at the Dededo Skate Park. The event was a major success! The poker run was full good skating and most importantly full of FUN. Congrats to the winner Mario Espinosa and his trips Aces to take best hand. Mario walked away with a sick prize pack.



Big shout outs to In4mation for throwing some flow to make some prize packs. Also thanks to DNA Evolution, DV8, Vans, and Toy machine and Foundation for chipping in a whole bunch of prizes for the poker run too!

Check the picks from the poker run!






The Game of Fokai was so illllllllllllll.

Big shout outs to Fokai for supporting the skateboarding community of Guam! Not only did they provide prizes for this event, they also worked with the hottest boardshop on island DV8 on two products. Together these two companies puut their noggans together to come out with the DV8 + Fokai skate deck (Available at DV8 Boardshop) and the Fokai + DV8 Tee Shirt (Available at the Fokai shop). What makes this colabo so special it the fact that a HUGE portion of the proceeds from these products will go to Sk8 Guam. Sk8 Guam will use the fund towards providing a better future for the Skateboarding community of Guam.


The Game of Fokai was a success, and all that competed were stoaked!

Here are the results
1st - Josh Mills
2nd - Jon Sumbang
3rd - Julio Canovas


Thanks again to all that support the Skate the Date go skate boarding day event. The Poker run was full of fun, and the Game of Fokai was fierce! Special thanks to all the sponsors: Sk8 Guam, DV8 Boardshop, DNA Evolution, In4mation, Vans, Toy machine, Foundation, Globe, Enjoi, Almost, Monster Energy Drink, The Department of parks and recreation, and everyone else that helped make this event possible!
The In4mation crew just released a mixtape with Timbalands newest guy, Izza Kizza and dj nick catchdubs.

Its sooooo sick! treat you ears to something a little special at...


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Whats up everyone? This month is packed with events to keep the skate community of Guam excited.

1st on the list is the premiere of the Nike SB Video...Debacle. This Video shoes the raw talent of the Nike SB AM Team, as they tear through spot after spot.

Check the Trailer.

Next on the list is Go Skateboarding Day. In honor of Go Skateboarding Day, Sk8 Guam and DV8 Board shop is putting on a Skate Poker Run Scavenger Hunt. There will be 5 spots around Dededo that skaters must search and destroy! At each spot, there will be a person handing out playing cards. After collecting cards from each spot, you will need to turn them in at the Dededo Skatepark. The person with the best 5 card hand will win the graand prize. There will also be smaller prizes for those who have hands such as pairs, three of a kind, two pair, straight, flush or higher.

After the scavenger hunt, Sk8 Guam, DV8, and Fokai will be releasing 2 limited edition items. The first is a DV8+Fokai skate deck. This Deck is available in 2 colors and in various sizes. The second item up for grabs is a Fokai+DV8 T-Shirt.
The long time local apparel company that has delivered the freshest gear SINCE EVER SINCE (Fokai) and the new kids on the block that feed the skate community of Guam with all the latest and greatest skategoods (DV8) are hooking up to bring madness to Guam with this collabo.

peep the pic

Also the kind fellas at DV8 and Fokai are donating a portion of the sales of the DV8/Fokai Tee and deck to the SK8 Guam Non Profit Organization.

The Game of Fokai competition will take place during the release party, to celebrate this monumental union of two of the most progressive companies on island.

The Game of FOKAI is the same thing as a Game of SKATE, except you give your opponent the letters F-O-K-A-I when tricks are landed.

Only those who participate in the Skate Poker Run Scavenger Hunt will be able to participate in the Game of Fokai.


That was a lot of information for one post. Please read through the fine text, and if you have any questions just hit me with a comment. Info about registration for this event will be made available soon.

check for updates daily!

Blind Video Premiere

Here are some pics of the sk8 Guam + DV8 Blind Video premiere!










The next video premiere coming up is Nike SB Debacle. Stay tuned for info about this next event.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Whats up everyone?

Friday May 15, 2009 the Dededo Skatepark will shut of the lights. There will not be skating after dark! There is no need to worry because DV8 Board shop will premiering the the all new Blind Video! We will also be showing two short videos from NHS and LRG! I encourage all of you to come because we will be giving some free stuff!

The event starts when the sun goes down!

Thanks for dropping by

Friday, April 17, 2009

King of the park 2

Another sick event under SK8 Guam's belt!

Saturday evening the Dededo Skate Park hosted the Quiksilver King of the Park skate contest. This is the second year that the nonprofit organization SK8 Guam has organized this contest in conjunction with the Dededo Mayors office and DV8 skate shop. This years event had 65 entries in three divisions. This years format differed slightly form last year because the winner from the younger divisions advanced into the next older division to test their skills against the older skaters.
Tristan Verley won the 11 and under division and advanced to compete in a heat in the 12-15 bracket. There were 7 heats of 4 skaters in the 12-15 division competing in a 4 minute open park run where they were judged on any tricks they made successfully. The winner of each heat advanced to a super heat competing for final standing where they each had a 1 minute open run. Jake Ramirez , cheesebread, Spence Fiorey, Jomar Cruz, Andy Passauer , JB Argueza, and Tisha Cura (the only female in the contest) made the super heat with JB Argueza placing first, Jake Ramirez 2nd, Jomar Cruz 3rd.

These 3 advanced to the open round competing for the title of Quiksilver's KING of the Park. The open division format had 5 heats of 4 competing in three venues. Each competitor earned points based on standing in each venue and the total points earned gave us the KOP.
In the open run Ricky Manuel took first Anthony Santos 2nd, Izzy Imbuido 3rd
In the bowl run Ricky Manuel and Anthony Santos tied for first and Stan Ricade (last years KOP) took second
In the double step Anthony Santos took first , JB Argueza 2nd(who had advanced up from the younger division) and Ricky Manuel 3rd
In the end based on the points Anthony edged out Ricky by one point to claim victory and be crowned King for a year. Guam skaters have one year to practice their skills and topple the King next April.

Special thanks to all the sponsors: Quiksilver, DV8 Boardshop, DNA Evolution, In4mation, Tunu, Anarchy/Angel Eyewear, Skull Candy Head Phones, Monster Energy Drink, The Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Dededo Mayors Office. Special thanks to SK8 Guam and all the competitors, volunteers, and spectators at the event.

Peep the pics from the event!


The winners of the 11 and under open run event,(from left to right) Tristan, Kyle, Jerome, and Eric getting some prizes from Skullcandy, Quiksilver, and Anarchy Eyewear.


Holding it down for the 12-15 year olds, (From left to right) Jake, JB, and Jomar claiming their In4mation, Skullcandy, Quiksilver, Anarchy, and DV8 boardshop prize packs.


The King of the Park Anthony Santos, Along with event coordinators Laurent Wainer and Jon Jose. Also pictured, Israel Imbuido representing DV8 boardshop.


The band "Roadrunners" Rockin out at the concert Reppin IN4mation in the Naked Ladies Tee!


Everyone waiting for the crowd product toss, with prizes donated by Quiksilver, Skullcandy, Anarchy, In4mation, DV8 Boardshop. Thanks Guys!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It is official! Nothing can stop Sk8 Guam from throwing a sick event! the whole day was a recipe for disaster. With one part rain clouds, a dash of overcast, mixed in with some heavy wind, some electrical problems, and drama with the crowd. you have the perfect combination for a crappy event. Despite everything that was thrown at us, the event was a success. The bands rocked, the skaters skated hard, and the crowd went wild!

I want to take a moment to thank every one who made this event possible. Shout out to the sponsors monster energy drink, Tunu BBQ, DV8 Boardshop, Ninja Bearings, Creature Skateboards, Vans, Oakley, The Department of Parks and Recreation. Special thanks to the Sk8 Guam crew, everyone who helped set up and break down, the crowd, the bands, and the skaters.

Here are the results of the competition.
13 and under (4 step contest)

1st - Billy G - Kickflip indy
2nd- Jerome Santos - Fakie nose grab
3rd - Marvin Dulana - nollie

14-16 (Double set contest)
1st - JB Argueza - Front side flip, 360 flip
2nd - George Cura - Board slide on the hand rail
3rd - Cheese bread - Caveman board slide on the ledge

Open division (Double Set contest)
1st - Aaron Magbuhat - Back side Blunt slide on the ledge
2nd - Julio Canovas - Big spin
3rd - Ryan Tiong - hardflip

Honorable Mention
Josh Mills - front side 360 ollie, smith grind the hand rail, Nollie 50-50 the ledge

Here are some pictures of the event






Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here its is! On Friday the 13th the Dededo Skate park will be filled with skaters and spectators for the Day of Wreck-oning skate contest.

Check the flier for detail


Please leave comments if you have any questions

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It’s 6:00 and the hot Guam sun has just set. A warm but comfortable wind blows steadily through the evening air. As nighttime and the accompanying darkness begin to envelop the area, streetlights and the various neon and fluorescent light-boxes lining the roadside flicker on. I’m standing in the middle of Dededo in a dark spot right off of Marine Corps Drive. The signs of the various stores and businesses along Rt. 1 have turned on, but where I’m at, it’s getting dark pretty quick. Moments later, a crackle of electricity is heard through the air, and a dozen 30-foot tall light posts switch on. I’m at the Dededo Skate Park, and tonight, the park is alive with the sound of laughter, cheers, and the constant echo of polyurethane wheels and maple skateboards smacking against the hard concrete.

The skate park is a home away from home for many of the youth of our island. However, people of all ages are here at the park, its not just children and teens. There’s a few 20-something-year-olds with their boards showing that skating isn’t just for the young but also for the young at heart. There’s a young woman with two younger children teaching them how to skate on the smaller ramps, one of the children is even shorter than an average skateboard. The skate park is full of fun, full of excitement, and full of life.

While mainstream media throughout the world has labeled skateboarding and the skating subculture and associated subcultures such as graffiti and punk music as delinquent, law-breaking, or violent activities, this small slab of concrete seems to be the most peaceful place on Guam. Many people of various races, cultures, backgrounds, and age are able to come together to skate, hang out with friends, or to just watch.

Even tourists stop by, and surprisingly enough, some of the Japanese tourists bring their own skateboards! And just as there are many people skating in the park, there are people outside sitting on the benches or leaning against the fence watching the happenings within the skate park. Graffiti, here in the park it is art and not vandalism, is emblazoned on all the surfaces of the park.

Whether it be white correction fluid on the jet-black railings, spray painted tags and stenciling on the concrete ledges/ramps/bowl, to the large mural in remembrance of Joanna Jasmin – the teenage girl who was killed by a drunk driver while walking across the park to eat with friends – the art serves as a reminder of the yearning for artistic expression from the youth that call the park their kingdom.

Since the dawn of the surfing and skateboarding cultures, music has joined with them hand in hand. This brings us to why tonight is a busier night than usual at the park, and for good reason. Matala is performing at the park. The Sk8 Guam organization has helped Matala to put on a free 2-hour concert at the park. One of the main reasons Matala wanted to plan this event was for the portion of the band’s fanbase that is unable to watch Matala at their usual gigs which are held in bars and clubs. As Matala’s roadie, technician, sound engineer, and one of their biggest fans, I was there to help set-up and record their performance as usual.

It’s 6:30 — Matala lead singer and vocalist, Ryan Shook, and I have arrived. After making my rounds and saying hi to the familiar friends and acquaintances that are at the park tonight, whether to skate or to support Matala, I proceed to set-up the area we’ll be playing at. I got the canopy set-up with the help of a few friends and the equipment is beginning to unload from the cars. We’re just waiting for the rest of the band members to arrive so we can start on time at 7:00. Bass player Robert Caguin arrives, and second guitarist and vocalist Jordan Hardy arrives shortly thereafter. RJ Aguon, Matala’s drummer tells us he’s on his way, and so we patiently wait.

We continue to set up all the gear, but we’ve run in to one major problem… the power outlet keeps tripping. We end up running extension cables about 100-feet from our staging area to the skate park’s restrooms. Power stays on for a few minutes then it shuts off once more. The frustration is consuming us all! With the aid of Ryan’s father, Jack Shook, we continue to troubleshoot the problem. After a good 10 to 15 minutes I find the problem, a bad multi-outlet/surge protector is causing a glitch in the chain of power, so out it goes. It’s already 7:20 and we’re behind schedule. RJ arrived during the power fiasco, and everyone’s set-up. With everyone in place and the power steady…it is now time to rock!

While we may be starting late, things continue smoothly from then on. No rain, no noise complaints from the neighborhood, no bad vibes at all. More and more familiar faces fill in to the park to skate or to watch Matala. A handful of the musicians from the various local rock, punk, and alternative bands come to support their musical brethren. Throughout the night we distributed free t-shirts courtesy of Sk8 Guam! To obtain a shirt, the skaters had to join in on some friendly competition. Whoever lands the best trick on a certain part of the park gets a shirt. The free giveaways did spark friendly competition as a few skaters attempted their best tricks. There were no grudges or arguments between any of the people there. There was good vibes floating through the air.

Matala played a highly energetic and entertaining set of various songs and styles. From their opening song, an instrumental dub song “Bay vs. Leonard” by Dub Trio, the raw energy and emotion of the musicians catalyzed with their instruments to form a powerful and fascinating sound. Ryan’s lead guitar playing and soft vocals harmonize with Jordan’s vocals and swoop down and grab you off your feet while Robert and RJ’s rhythmic low-end syncopations resonate with the sound of crashing skateboards that would raise you towards the heavens.

While Jordan may have had a cold and his voice sounded off, he still sang and shouted through the mic with such fierce energy on songs such as “Suzy Tried to Kill Me” which was a song written by Jordan’s former punk band Shinjo. While Shinjo stopped a few years ago, there were still people singing along who knew the song, a testament to the influence these local rock musicians have had on the lives of some of the people in attendance. Matala played a few hard rocking punk tunes such as their original song “Let it Bleed” and covers of songs by the Rx Bandits, Queens of the Stone Age, Ben Kenney, and a specially requested song by Blink-182. They also played softer songs such as their instrumental song “Saturn”, a great rendition of “Tonight, Tonight” by the Smashing Pumpkins, and other soft and melodic songs by A Perfect Circle and the Arctic Monkeys.

No matter the song, original or cover, the crowd response was positive. The skaters and the spectators are seen singing-a-long not to just Matala’s covers, but even their original songs. Matala has many fans within the skating community, and they’ve made many more tonight. Everyone’s having a good time at the park grooving to the tunes of the band. Robert, who’s usually stiff and camera-shy was smiling and posing as I took pictures of the band. The younger children in the crowd would sit right in front of the band with their legs crossed, their jaws slightly dropped, and their eyes staring in amazement. Whenever Jordan would do a funny face or crazy antic like jumping or spinning, the kids would laugh or stare in awe.

Some eyes turned to RJ during the last song when he jumped backward off of his drum throne and then leaped back onto his drum kit while hitting his cymbals. All in all, it was a very memorable night. This skate park event felt different than most other events I’ve coordinated, there was a real feeling of freedom, peace, and most of all unity amongst diverse groups of people. And as the chorus to Matala’s original song, “Unity” goes:

Now everyone sing this anthem - I know how to be free
I know how to be free and that is by Unity

Also, continuing February 13th, the Guam Musicians Initiative and Sk8 Guam will be bringing bands to the park each month for everyone to enjoy (if all goes according to plan :) ).

By: Jayton Okada

Taken from

Check out the website for whats happening with art, culture, and life on Guam!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here are some pics of the Flat BBQ







Hey Everyone

Sorry for the lack of update, but we are back! here are the results of the flat bar BBQ.

1st - Justin Prendergast - B/S Board slide to feeble
2nd - Tristan Verley - Fakie 5050 to front side 180
3rd - Skyler Olsen - Krooked Grind

1st - Jake - Feeble Grind
2nd - Kyle - Smith Grind
3rd - Jose - Front Side Board Slide Shuvit out.

1st - Shane Pier - Front Side Board Slide Kickflip out.
2nd - Israel "Izzy" Imbuido - Kick Flip Back Side Lip Slide
3rd - JR Argueza - Blunt slide to Fakie