Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Free Deck Contest: Week Four 11/4/09-11/11/09

Globe Goodie Bag: Drawstring Backpack, Wristband, United By Fate Shirt, Stickers.
All People who send in a video will get a goody bag! The winner get A deck as well as the goody bag!

New voting system!
Because of the current situation, in which people have been abusing the old voting system, we have been forced to come up with a new way of voting. In order to vote for your favorite video, you must send in an email with the name of the person you are voting for. This way every vote will be tied to a single email address. If we see more then one vote from a single email, we will delete all votes from that email address. we will count all votes sent to the email address, and that will determine the winner.

Here is the email address! dnaguam@gmail.com

Thanks for supporting sk8 guam, dv8 boardshop, and the skateboarding community of Guam!


  1. Jon,here's the link to my entry vid for spot #4...

  2. now thats more like it! (: shouldve
    thought of that first but whatever.
    cant wait for all the vids to be up!

  3. mark here..

    seems davins video is hella tight!!
    and the only one..
    my vote!!

    oh and i needa get some blackbox stuff like the
    new $lave video and zero video!!!!

    hope your getting those in..
    and of course a new board..

    your pal..

  4. vid on the process...
    just gotta take couple more footy's
    ima add some of my clips
    from the other spot...
    is that cool???

  5. Mark! thanks for always keeping comments postive! Idk if the vids are coming!

    Sketch! make sure we see it this time. Davin, thanks for the vid and good luck.

    GUam lets see more vids!

  6. joser your so effin cuuuuuuuuutttte!!! X~D

  7. wow! davin is a crazy skater im not to sure yet to vote cuz of the fact its only him right now, ill just wait till more vids come up then ill wach it!and ill vote but to some it all up davin has the chance of winning. hope he gets better after the head thing.

    ps: so, will you start making a skate battle comp?
    it would be cool if it took place sat the dededo skate park parking lot :D

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FziJpXS_2PE
    tell me what you think :))

  9. Damn,where's the rest of the vids? I don't wanna win cuz' i'm the only one! I wanna win fair and square and have competition! xD

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng7BMZiFdh4

    ffor our Friend Davin For Skate The Spot #4

  11. its okay Davin

    im gonna try to do some

  12. yo jon!
    heres cheesebreads video


  13. When do we get our prize?

  14. I think that Skate Battle thing should be more Central. Give Us a chance to get to the comp at least! xD

  15. Evan for the spot comp you entered, only the winner got something. Join this one, and you will get a globe goody bag fille dwith stuff!

    Skate battle or spot search? if you are talking about the spot search, we have spots that vary. most of the spots are pretty central. home depot, wendy's, skinners plaza and foot city are pretty central. we will try to make the last spot good. hopefully we ge more videos up. It seems like everyone is just not into skating spots. Come on guys! let keep skating alive!

  16. people dont want to join because of the last competition. it was an unfair voting system.
    so now the other skaters dont want to join because of that abner guy! (not hatin')

  17. most people arent joining cause no ride and i would join but i could only gap the 6 step so yeah...only one trick not 4...thats all =]

  18. I agree with the skate battle competition! Like Battle at the Berrics or Es Game of skate kind of thing. But that would be a lot of matches cuz im pretty sure a lot of people gonna join that. So it would be like DV8's Game of Skate! What do you say Jon?

    -John :]

  19. I think it is a great idea, and we may have one soon! But the whole point of the spot search contest was to motivate people to start skating spots! Everyone does a game of skate competition, but not many do spot search contests. We just want to expose everyone to different types of skateboarding.

    SO do you guys want to see these spot search contest still? If so, we will continue them, but if not we will stop wasting time on it.

  20. yeeah you should continue with the spot search idea,i think if you guys picked a little more easier spot than the others then maybe alot more people would join :D

  21. yea i think the spot searches are better
    cuz if its like battle at the berrics competition
    there will be too much skaters
    keep the spot search going
    and give use at least two weeks to submit an entry

  22. you guys should just stop wasting your time and do something more productive, like a game of skate. it'll be fun to plan and join.